Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune has been a pioneering education institute for over 34 years. Ranked today as one of the top engineering institute of country, it has produced world class engineers and leaders who have gone on to scale great heights in various fields. The continual buzz of student activities, clubs and associations around the campus never ceases to encourage students to create, innovate and chase their passion.

Aarohan, the annual cultural festival of MIT WPU, Pune was started in the year 2014 by a group of passionate individuals of the MIT College of Engineering. With a multitude of events, performances and activities, Aarohan has never failed to cast a spell over the audience. Aarohan has played host to a number of artists including India’s Got Talent Fame Vivek Patil & Rishikesh Potdar, renowned classical artists Amar Oak & Anand Bhate, Comedy Nights by popular standup group ‘Chalta hai Comedy’, a euphoric performance by ‘Paradigm Shift’, Asia’s first Marathi rock band ‘Moksh’ and ‘After Acoustics’ among others. The fest stands apart as a solely student driven fest of soaring spirits, reaching new heights each year.

Being a youth festival, Aarohan strives to target youth with social issues. With social initiatives like blood donation drive, Library Initiative, ‘Run for a Cause’ marathon in the previous edition, Aarohan makes it a point to bring about a positive change in the society